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Kassel Documenta 14 Part Two. 卡塞爾文件展 2017 (下)


Make yourself be a sculpture!

chen yun 陳云





From northern Europe to southern Europe, from a small town to a city, how the difference between them makes a deep impression on me. If Kassel is comfortable, then Athens is lazy. And the people are friendly and talkative.

I like the natural environment of Kassel and enjoy the night view and food of Athens.


Kassel (above) and Athens (below) streetscape:




Kassel's public transportation is very convenient that trams and buses can take you to anywhere you like to go. As a matter of fact, the distance between each stop is very close, a casual walk might get to the next or third stop easily.

Many hotels also offer their guests a free ticket for transportation during their stay.

Athens bus stop


這是我們等車的公車亭,就在Athens School of Fine Arts對面。



Athens, by contrast, is not so convenient. There are only three MRT lines, and buses always don't arrive on time. This is the bus stop where we were waiting for the bus. It's opposite the Athens School of Fine Arts. I am sorry to say that the municipal work of the Athens city hall is not good to me.

But whether it is Athens or Kassel, I can't stand that so many people smoke by my side while we were waiting for buses, but the government allows it, they even set a smoking area just on the waiting line, It's really hard to believe.


而能在海格爾大力士紀念碑Herkules monument旁野餐則是我這輩子從沒能想到的美好的事。

It's a protest in Kassel, I thought it was a performance art at first because I don't understand German! The picnic at the Herkules monument is a beautiful thing I've never imagine of my life.


The highest view of Kassel.


The style design of visitor Center is so "Germany".














Kassel's transportation is very convenient and on time, and the indicator and direction of hot spots are well done. It's easy for tourists to go sightseeing. There is nothing to worry about, and very safe, whether in or out of the exhibition pavilion. Only meal types are few, and after three days, I can't help but buy instant noodles to eat. There is one more reminder that Kassel has lots ups and downs road. Before you rent a bicycle please consider if you could manage it or not.

My feel about Athens is different. First of all, it's really hot. Except for the heat, it's hot, hot and hot. Second, it's a lot similar Taiwan. When the airport bus got off the freeway, I thought I'd be back in Taipei!The sidewalk is made just like a sister city of Taipei, there are patches on everywhere and the way it skews so natural. Those stores are decorated more like on big sale shops those stand on beside provincial road. Although there is less motorcycle than Taipei, the driver's lane splitting skill totally can be comparable with us.

As the bus stops and opens the door, welcome me ahead is a great pile of garbages. I even don't know how to get off the bus and there is no space on the ground to let me put my trunk on. This is the center of the city, Syntagma Square! Socrates might have argued with others in this square! How it could happen in the most lively area, there were pile of rubbish in the middle of sidewalk every few blocks far.

Those narrow alleys of the two cities are also similar. The roadside was full of parked cars, and some of them were parked illegally. I believe that the people of Athens definitely can drive a car through the heavy traffic smoothly if they were in Taipei.

(下) 衛城山腳下的觀光徒步區是遊客必來之地,不知我有沒有走錯,這真的不是台灣的某個夜市嗎?

(Below) This is one of the famous tourist attractions near the foot of Acropolis. I wonder if I have gone wrong. Isn't it really a night market in Taiwan?



Look at the Acropolis which on the top of the hill, then take a look at buildings in urban areas, almost no high-rise buildings, there is no perfect city planning, only houses constantly covered all over the whole city until there is no more space for a tiny house.

I understand why this situation occurred in Taiwan. But I don't get it why this old city which has so many great and beautiful temples built by their ancestors who had a high mathematical ability, the birthplace of democracy, the birthplace of great philosophers Platon and Socrates, has the same problem as Taiwan.​

The day afternoon before leaving Athens we ran into a gentleman and chatted with him for a while. He complained a lot about government and how the economy is bad. Then I thought of the meaning of the Documenta exhibition. In fact, no matter in the past or now, no matter which country, it seems they all have similar problems!


Oh, please set that goddess free.





I enjoy the night and food of Athens. There are so many kinds of food and really delicious. The night was beautiful. It was 11 pm, and still a lot of people having dinner in restaurants. It was a truly wonderful thing that dining accompanied with the night view of Acropolis. In addition, a lot of beauty in the street and most of them really like a goddess that as sacred and beautiful.

I wondered if these ancient civilization cities have no more but only monuments, tasty food, and beauties.


Note: Recommend this restaurant, Diodos. We went to twice. The meal is delicious, the service is nice, the cake and homemade wine after the meal are so tasty. And the Acropolis is by the side. (middle photo).


Welcome to Acropolis!





At the end of the article, I have to mention my happiest things in Athens There were so many cats that let me feel on the top of the world. Every day I met a lot of cats, it really kept stimulating my endorphins.

Look at that cat that was walking on the grass, the Temple of Olympian Zeus is right his home!




Documenta is the reason I visited the two cities. Because of it I learn the difference between both cultures, enjoyed sightseeing and food, thought about life and art. Above all, return safely at the last, I am thankful for everything!

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