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The mask of marriage 婚姻的面具

「婚姻的面具」得到2013年美國International Photography Award 攝影比賽Special項目的首獎,作品內容是在婚紗照的新人臉部都塗上了顏料覆蓋,用以描述在婚紗照發達的當今,拍婚紗就如同制作商品般的工業化,除去了臉部特徵後,每對新人的”幸福”看起來都如出一轍。


"The Mask of Marriage" won the first prize under the "Special" category at the 2013 International Photography Awards. On these wedding photos, the faces of the bride and groom are covered by pigment as an indication of the highly developed wedding photography industry, which makes weddings photos products of mass production. When the artist removes those facial features, the "happiness" of each couple looks exactly the same. 

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