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A mouth 一支嘴


"A Mouth"Over the past twenty years, Taiwan has encountered problems and difficulties in its economy, society, politics, international affairs, and many other aspects. The second "political power transfer" did not bring a solutions to these problems, however. People have lost their faith in politicians and the media. Several citizen protests against the government in recent years have further indicated people's sense of powerlessness toward their lives. "A Mouth" was inspired by people's discontent with politicians. Apart from being quick-tongued and argumentative, they have no eyes or ears. They speak using deceptive words and make empty promises. All the paintings under this topic have one thing in common: they have only "a mouth" on their face. Aside from this shared feature, I applied different ways and techniques to each painting, trying to bring out their own uniqueness. Certainly, such a choice in trying different artistic expressions has a lot to do with my personality. 

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