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Kassel Documenta 14 Part One. 卡塞爾文件展 2017 (上)

documenta 14

關於卡塞爾文件展詳情請看這裡Kassel documenta.

卡塞爾官網請看這裡Documenta 14.




The every five year Kassel document exhibition is held in Kassel 2017. This year, however, unlike the past, the exhibition was divided into two parts, with some of them on display in Athens. So I went to two cities, from a northern European small town to a southern European old city.


卡塞爾kassel: 2017.6.10-9.17 10am-8pm

雅典Athens: 2017.4.8-7.16 11am-9pm


Please note that the exhibition hours in Athens are not the same, please check the website.

documenta 14


Choose to go there at the beginning of the exhibition to avoid the crowd, but it's still a sea of people.




















I'm curious. What's the difference between this exhibition and other exhibitions? Why it was started from a small town rather than a big city? Why do people want to be here? With all these questions in mind, I want to find my answer.

From one museum to another, from one piece of work to another. Slowly, I found I must not look at them individually. All works are independent, and not independent. They are a whole. They speak not of art, but of the whole human being. I didn't see any gallery name, and there was no detail description of works, even more I did not see those famous contemporary artist's name always appeared in major art exhibition. Like the catwalk of a fashion show, the designers do not sell clothes, but express their ideas. They want to have you thinking, rather than using any word, and let you feel the cruelty and love.

Cruel has never be stopped and resist has never disappeared. This is how human are.

Outside the pavilion, I walk slowly in the town, feeling the sunshine and the air, and receiving the service and help from the kind and beautiful people. In supermarkets, trams, parks, department stores, streets, I see the administration of the government and the way people live. Across a bus stop, a mother was teaching a child who didn't want to walk. Education can make us better, but why can't we stop a war? After a failed war, they reflect on themselves, admit their mistakes and make amends.

What a respectable country And this is the strength behind the Kassel Documenta exhibition.

documenta 14



Before approaching, I heard a noisy whistle, watched countless Nazi-related exhibitions and this is the first time to listen by ear. Sitting in the middle of a room and surrounded by the music sounded, the music background was an annoying loud warning rang, surprised the two sound seemed actually very suitable. I feel scary and sad. When I close my eyes, I seem to see the people fleeing in the streets. Any writing or picture of Nazi-related never made me into this scene before.







"The third world is not a place, but a project.". "There's a passage in the film. Perhaps it is because the third world is too far to me, or it is not my business, I can find more excuses for myself to argue why I don't care what happened in the third world, for the same reason, how many others in the world will concern about Taiwan problem?

Most people are busy with their own lives.

One part of the film, the Prime Minister of India make a speech at the United Nations to fight for his people's rights and express his will. Yes, very few people will stand up for others, the fact is that you have to speak out for yourself first.

Fortunately, there are still some fewer people would fight for others, their life may not be long, but they always shine like a star, make people forget the darkness in the night, look forward to seeing the sun tomorrow.

幾個跟台灣相關的展出: Several Taiwan-related exhibitions:



Foreigners look at the exhibition in a different way from us. They prefer to listen to a guide and discuss. Art has always asked questions instead of giving an answer. People will have more different ideas after they had discussed.

documenta 14


Although everyone has freedom, I think this behavior is not worth encouraging.

documenta 14

documenta 14




After this trip, I came home with more thoughts and feelings, and I am glad I was there. What is art exactly? That's another question.

End with the following photo. It is Kassel's dusk was taken on my last day in Kassel, and the house was so dazzling.

documenta 14

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